1950 Ford 8N Funk Conversion Tractor

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction | Mar 30, 2019

6 Cylinder 226 Manual

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction
8N Funk Conversion Tractor
6 Cylinder 226

1950 Ford 8N Funk Conversion Tractor

Ford produced over 524,000 Ford 8N tractors in the years 1947 thru 1952 and were powered by a 120ci 4 cylinder engine.  The durable and reliable 8N tractors powered farm operations across the country and many are still in operation!   A company called Funk Aircraft Company engineered a conversion for the 8N to a six cylinder, 226 ci proving very successful with farmers trying to increase production.  The kit boosted the Ford tractors from a two-bottom to a three-bottom plow capacity and approximately 5000 8Ns were converted with the Funk conversion kit from 1943 to 1952. 

Quite a few modifications were involved with The Funk Conversion and the 6-cylinder kit included the following components:
-          Exhaust stack, pipe and muffler
-          Rear engine plate
-          Flywheel housing ring
-          Timing gear cover
-          Two transmission side brackets
-          Two steering rod extensions
-          Generator pulley and bracket
-          Starter Bendix drive, starter housing, bearing, exchange armature
-          Solenoid starter clamp and starter cable
-          Radiator and hoses
-          Hood.   

In 1952 the Funk factory burned down and all the engineering data was lost, ending the Funk conversion program.  

The Ford 8N presented at auction has the 6 cylinder Funk conversion and a whole lot more including:  
-          New, one size larger rear tires
-          Internal to the rear wheel, cast iron wheel plates
-          Converted to Dual Exhaust
-          Both standard and optional foot controlled throttle
-          Sherman High/Low auxiliary transmission
-          Faint ghost flames in the hood paint
-          Converted to 12 volt electrical system
-          Power Meter  

This tractor is being sold with a Bill of Sale