1943 John Deere AO Orchard Tractor

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction | Mar 30, 2019

2 Cylinder Manual

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction
John Deere
AO Orchard Tractor
2 Cylinder

1943 John Deere “AO” Orchard Tractor  

There were 3 main models of “A” model John Deere (JD) tractors during the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.  The popular single front wheel row crop “A” is the iconic image of the JD tractor.  The “AR” model was a 4 wheel model built lower and narrower.  The “AO” “Orchard” model was similar but had specific features to accommodate use in orchards around and close to tree limbs.  The seat and steering wheel were lowered, the exhaust was changed to a side outlet, it had shielded fenders and air intake was through a small round “mushroom” on the front hood.  Independent turning brakes were added and electric start and lighting were offered as options.  This JD has these options!  The AO has solid rear wheels and spoked front wheels. 

During the War years, since resources were allocated to the war effort, only limited production was allowed with the 1942-1943 model year being the smallest production at only 35 “AO”  tractors!  These 35 tractors were sold both in the US and overseas.  Few of the 1943 “AO” tractors remain and the tractor presented at auction is one of them! 

The 4 cylinder engine and manual transmission are in good working order.  The starter and generator have been rebuilt.  The rear tires are in very good running condition and the front tires are very acceptable.  A parts catalog can be included with purchase of the tractor.  The tractor is a favorite in parades and tractor shows.