1975 Zagato Zele 1000

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction | Mar 30, 2019

Electric Manual

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction
Zele 1000
Micro Car

1975 Zagato Zele 1000

Extremely Low Mile Original Car
Never Been Registered
Made in Milano, Italy

The Zagato Zele 1000 (sold in the United States as the Elcar) was an electric micro-car with a fiberglass body manufactured by the Italian design company Zagato. Produced 1974-1976, the Zele was an unusual departure from Zagato’s famous designs, which had long been known for their beauty and performance. The Zele, however, was high, square cornered and had a low top speed. They were produced in 7 colors (Orange-red, Brown, Dark blue, Pastel blue, White, Green and metal flake Blue) and the chassis and suspension were derived from the Fiat 500 and Fiat 124. The 1000 stands for the wattage of the motors respectively. Approximately 500 of these innovative cars were made, with a limited number exported to the U.S.

The Zele employed a 4 position speed selector and a 2 position foot pedal providing six forward speeds, two reverse speeds and a range of approximately 50 miles (80 km). 

The example presented at auction was acquired 5 years ago from the son of the original owner.  It was brought to Utah from New York some years ago, then tucked away in a garage until discovered by the current owner.  Upon discovery, the car was observed literally stuffed against a wall in a climate controlled garage.  The car had been covered by a tarp years ago and boxed in by items that will collect in a garage.  Upon extrication from it’s years long holding spot, what was discovered is a sight to behold.  

This 100% all original Zagato is virtually untouched from the date purchased in New York.  The Odometer shows only 2 miles and the plastic protective sheeting from the factory covering the seats is still present!  Batteries have never been installed in the holding trays, meaning the 2 miles on the odometer are from pushing the car.  This is a perfect addition to any fine collection or…put it on the road!

Original paperwork specific to the car is present as is the charger original to the car.  You will not find a more original, low mile piece of motoring history as long as you look!

This vehicle will be sold on a Bill of Sale.