1934 Studebaker Commander

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction | Mar 30, 2019

221 Straight 8 Manual

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction
221 Straight 8

1934 Studebaker Commander

VIN: 8101872

– Fine Example of a Pre-War Luxury Automobile

The Commander in 1934 was the mid-line model of the Studebaker automobile company, positioned between the Dictator and the President.  The Commander rode a 119-inch wheelbase and carried a revived 221 straight eight engine.  Studebaker in 1930 was the 4th largest automobile manufacturer selling just under 123,000 units.  Sales dwindled the next two years to just over 26,000 in 1932,  The 1934 line-up of cars helped bring Studebaker back to profitability and go on to produce cars long into the future.  

The car presented at auction has undergone a body re-paint at some point in its history.  The frame/undercarriage appears to be 100% untouched original.  The exterior shows very well as does the interior.

The interior appears to be original and the dash and gauges present very well.  The headliner is in good condition and all handles appear to be present and original.  The assist straps to aid in entering and exiting the rear seat appear to be original. 

The exterior chrome and trim present very well and all appears to be present.  The re-paint is showing some wear as the car has been driven,  The rear spare tire assembly works as it should.  All glass is present but originality is unknown.  

The engine compartment appears untouched with the exception of some head work at some point.  The wiring appears original to the car and the car was last driven in Summer, 2018

This car is being sold from a wonderful collection of cars from Wyoming.  The owner recently passed from cancer and his widow is making this collection available at the March 30 Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction.  These cars were enjoyed, and the owner was known to drive a different car from his collection to work every-day.  He kept these vehicles in good running condition and at the same time, the cars were a favorite at car shows in the southwest Wyoming region.  This collection is being offered at auction with NO RESERVE!