1952 Cushman Eagle

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction | Mar 30, 2019

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction

1952 Cushman Eagle Scooter

This outstanding Cushman Eagle is a great example of the type of scooter available during the miniature motorcycle craze of the 1950’s.  Highly collectible today the Cushman motorcycle was a unique, simple and highly configurable scooter that could be bought and customized to the riders taste.   

The production and use of Cushman Airborne military scooters aided the Army during World War II due to their ease of use, maintenance and ability to drop out of helicopters/planes. Consumer production resumed full-force after the war; by 1950 Cushman was manufacturing 10,000 motor scooters per year, and in that year the company introduced its popular Eagle model.

The Eagle was Cushmans’ most popular scooter in production for 16 years. The popularity of the Cushman Eagle was largely due to it looking like a motorcycle with its exposed engine and top tank. Cushman Eagles were designed for simplicity of operation and service and built to give owners dependable performance mile after mile.

This Model 762 Springer Eagle with centrifugal clutch and no transmission was introduced in April, 1952. This was to be an economy model and came less the rack above the rear fender. Production lasted only about one year and is very rare and collectable.


 This 4hp round block Cushman Husky Air-Cooled engine has been rebuilt and has a brand-new upgraded carburetor. The engine is in great running condition and sounds great.


 This particular Cushman is an early model Eagle with Barrel spring front forks suspension and brakes are in excellent condition. Equipped with a Rare – single speed direct drive this model does not have a transmission.


This particular scooter was cosmetically restored a decade ago and used as a conversation piece in a lobby / showroom never being used or driven. Frame was re-painted yellow and is in excellent shape.


The Eagle Cushman looks to our eye more like a Harley than many other versions with its swooping lines, cruiser stance, tear drop tank and hard tail seat.  The Eagle model was definitely one of the more popular models. As far as the ancillary controls on this Cushman, all of the switches, head light and tail light work as they should and are powered by a full-power Cushman Permalite built as an integral part of the magneto. Pedals and handle bars are in excellent condition.

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