1949 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction | Mar 30, 2019

216 cid in-line 6 cylinder Manual

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction
3100 Pickup
216 cid in-line 6 cylinder
Swift Red

1949 Chevrolet ½ Ton 3100 – Step Side Pickup

VIN:  GBA646511

A perfectly restored 1949, 3100 Series Chevrolet Pickup presented in its’ new and (8 – Year Restoration) – original like condition. This vehicle was acquired from a well-known classic car dealer in Missouri, who had negotiated to purchase this absolutely beautiful 1949 Chevrolet ½ ton Pickup that has had a complete 8-year – no expense spared, nut & bolt, frame off restoration, and was once listed for sale from the collection of classic automobiles owned by top-name and famous NHRA Top-Fuel race car driver, Joe Amato!

 This ‘49 truck stands on its own, in presentation. It is believed that the current posted odometer mileage may be the original miles driven since 1949. With its stock-perfect appearance, its’ gorgeous Red paint and its’ perfect classic stance, this pickup is one of the best original equipped (numbers matching) restored 1949 Chevy 3100 trucks around. Very few trouble free miles have been added since finishing the restoration, but it is in perfect original running order and ready to hit the road. The body panels are straight & 100% rust-free from front to back (no fiberglass repairs). The Red paint is absolutely stunning and all of the chrome & trim is show quality throughout.

When you open up the driver’s door, the first thing you notice is how professional and original everything is finished. Features and options inside and out include:
  Side mounted spare tire holder
  5 wide-white period correct tires on factory steel wheels and correct hub caps
 Period correct fog lamps
 Correct seat material
  duel tail lamp optioned
  bumper guards
  new oak floor in bed and side bed oak railings.
 An original 1949 owners’ manual and Chevrolet Owners Certificate complete with documented serial number of this truck, and other history documentation.  This truck appears documented ‘numbers matching’ and very factory correct.

The original Speedometer & Gauges in the original dash work wonderfully – Water Temperature, Fuel Level, Oil Pressure and Voltage (6 volt system). The interior is as correct as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Open the hood and nestled inside is a perfectly clean and restored engine cavity area, correct hoses and wiring and all coupled to the original (serial number documented) correct 216cid in-line 6-cylinder engine (rebuilt – rated at 90bhp) with the 1BBL carb. The engine is connected to a 3-speed transmission (three-on-the-tree). It’s simply got it all, with incredible classic looks and a gorgeous fit and finish.
This Truck has all the features, reliability and finish that you look for in a Classic Chevrolet truck.

Description: 1949 3100 Chevrolet Pickup – with professional Frame-off restoration Workmanship on this truck is excellent, and it’s highly unlikely that any farmer, carpenter, or auto parts store owner would have worked his truck as hard as they did if they all looked this good. With a great deal of time, effort, and money spent on the restoration, this truck fits together extremely well. The paint is two-stage urethane and looks fantastic, especially with the contrasting white grill panels around the chrome grill, just as it was in ‘49 (optional Deluxe choice), which really works with the trucks bold front end. The design is handsome and remains one of the most popular with collectors for its simple good looks that never go out of style. The deluxe models like this one received several upgrades, including a chrome grille and front bumper, and now including period correct optional fog lamps. Speaking of chrome, the finish on all the bright pieces of this truck is excellent, including the badges on the sides and the big Chevrolet badge on the nose. A single tail light was standard equipment, but for safety, this truck carries two correct tail lights. Other upgrades include a chrome rear bumper, and a side mirrors.

The bed has been beautifully refinished with oak boards that is so nice, you’ll probably have to think twice before hauling anything with it. The engine is Chevys erstwhile 216 cubic inch ‘Stovebolt’ inline-six, which powered cars and trucks for decades, and a version of which ended up in the first Corvettes. They’re rugged, reliable, easy to service, and parts are still readily available even over the counter at your local auto parts store. This one will most likely not need any major work in the near future, thanks to a thorough rebuild at the time of restoration by the pros at Joe Amato Cars. Nicely detailed, the sturdy engine looks great in the big engine bay, which was designed to make service under adverse conditions easier. The original oil bath air cleaner is intact, feeding a single throat downdraft carburetor that also helps the 216 eke out fairly decent gas mileage. Things like oil filters and fuel filters were still optional, and this truck carries both, which is a smart idea on a truck that will be driven. The engine bay has been restored to factory standards, with new wiring, reproduction hoses with correct clamps, and proper finishes used throughout. Especially impressive is that the engine is a soft satin finish, which is far more correct than the high-gloss paints you so often see on restored vehicles, and in a truck it’s completely appropriate.

This truck with its original 6 volt system still runs an original-style generator instead of a modern alternator. Nice! Speed was never one of this truck’s virtues, but it will haul big loads and do it dependably thanks to a three-speed manual transmission. Designed to work, not cruise the superhighways, it’s still a comfortable driver at 45-50 MPH with the restored but original suspension, it rides well enough for a vintage truck. Brakes are manual drums at all four corners, and they don’t need power assist to stop the lightweight truck confidently. A single exhaust system is correct in appearance and tone, with that characteristic inline-six grumble. A full-sized spare hangs on the bedside, the underneath has been nicely finished as well. It rides on original style 16-inch steel wheels with simple polished hubcaps and modern light truck period correct white wall tires.

Just because the trucks interior is basic doesn’t mean it isn’t handsome. While the days of trucks being outfitted as lavishly as luxury cars were still several decades away when this truck was built, and Chevrolet knew that style mattered. The dash is clean and uncluttered. A complete array of gauges keep an eye on the engine, and they’ve been beautifully restored. The brown vinyl bench is firm, and offers a commanding view of the road. There’s no power steering, but driving the truck is easy thanks to a large diameter wheel that’s topped with a original style horn button. There’s also an optional heater (yes, even the heater was optional). All the plastic knobs have been restored, the chrome is very nice, and the paint on the dash and inner doors is as nice as the rest of the body. Documentation includes a lot of promotional materials from Chevrolet about the truck line, the original maintenance folder, and the original owners-manual showing this very vehicle’s truck VIN number, and VIN’s were not even used then as the Engine Serial number is also stamped on the body plate as was done on 1949.

A vintage California license plate showing ‘1949’ is also included. To help with maintenance and restoration, there’s also a Delco manual, a shop manual, and other related information. Quite honestly, Chevrolet pickup trucks were never this nice very long after purchase, but this one is expertly restored in every way. As someone who appreciates trucks as tools, I figure this one will never again haul a load of firewood or fill dirt. On the other hand, it will be a hit at shows and they’re a lot of fun to drive. There’s massive aftermarket and hobby support for these trucks, and information is readily available no matter what you care to know. And really, what could be more fun than driving down to the local Home Depot to pick up a few flats of flowers this spring in your new (1949) Chevrolet? This is a wonderful machine that is only just now starting to earn the hobby’s respect as a legitimate collectible.