1977 Jeep CJ-7

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction | Mar 30, 2019

401 V-8 Manual

4th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction
Custom SUV
401 V-8
Metallic Mango Tango

1977 Jeep CJ-7

Few brands on earth generate as much dedication and commitment as the Jeep® Brand. In every corner of the globe on every day, there are unique displays of passion from our owners and fans. When you’re a part of the Jeep Brand Community, you’re part of something bigger. 

Since 1941, Jeep® Brand vehicles have inspired men to dream and to dare. The brand is built on the pillars of freedom, adventure, authenticity and passion. It’s an unwavering commitment to strength and meaningful engineering that has helped forge an extraordinary, uncommon bond between Jeep vehicles and their owners.  

Every April, thousands of die-hard Jeep® Brand fans descend upon Moab, Utah to celebrate the off-road life during Easter Jeep Safari. It’s an amazing opportunity for Jeep Brand designers and engineers to meet with our most die-hard fans and to introduce new vehicles and concepts on some of the country’s most rugged trails.  Take this Jeep to Moab and be the envy of the event.  

It’s time to let someone else enjoy this Beauty.  The Jeep and the Trailer are the result of a 8 year Frame off resto-mod project.  There are less than 100 miles on this vehicle since the rebuild.  The frame and most Chassis parts are powder coated for extreme durability.  The rest of the vehicle was lovingly put together piece by piece with the idea to keep this vehicle as close to being all AMC as possible.  The beauty started out as a Renegade with 80,000 miles on it.  The vehicle was purchase in Utah but I was told spent most its life in Arizona, keeping it away from the salt and rust Utah Jeeps suffer from.   

The Jeep is painted with the  Metallic Mango Tango.  With its custom Hood scoops and clean body that is straight as an arrow.  You will just stand back and look in amazement.  The bottom of the Tub and Inside and bottom of the Trailer are also Rhino Lined for Maximum protection and durability.  This Jeep Glows in the Summer Sun.  It also has a Hardtop that has the last set of OEM glass I would find on the planet.  I paid over $800 for the set and that was a bargain.  No expense was spared building this beautiful rig.

The Vehicle features a V8 401 bored 30 over and estimated to produce 375-400HP.  The engine was built and assembled by Clark Parker owner of American Machine an he is considered one of the best Engine builders in the state of Utah.  And he is very knowledgeable in the AMC space.  It features a truck Avenger Holley Carb and Edelbrock Performer Air-Gap aluminum manifold. This all sounds so good with the edition of the Hooker Headers.     

Next the drivetrain features Dana 44’s front and rear with ARB Air Lockers.  This will get you in an out of anything you have the nerve to 4x4 through, and will more that hold up to the owner of the 401 V8.  The transmission is a Factory Jeep t18 mounted to the time tested Dana 20 transfer case.  The Interior is from Corbeau Seats and the front seats even have seat heaters!  The ride will blow your mind.  The springs are from Tera flex and are the soft ride 2.5 inch Wrangler springs.  They take the bounce out of the Jeep and it rides as good as my 2018 Jeep JL.  

Everything that could be found new on the vehicle was replaced with new parts.  The Jeep has Full and Half doors that will have never been installed on the Jeep but will be finished and included in the sale.    This vehicle is one of a kind.  Along with the Bantam Military trailer you are getting a package deal that would be very hard to duplicate for less than $80-100K.  Don’t miss out on a wonderful vehicle.