1975 Oldsmobile Hurst

Salt Lake City, Utah | Mar 3, 2018

455 V-8 Automatic

Salt Lake City, Utah
2-Door Coupe
455 V-8

The 1975 Hurst White W-30 only 625 were white W-30's. Believed to be 1 of 89 that exist today in driving condition
Original body and paint only 24170 miles

The 75 H/O was available in the Cutlass Supreme Coupe in either white or black with gold accent striping. Interior colors are either white or black.
The Hurst Conversion Package Included the following as standard:
Hurst Hatch Roof, Smoked Glass Panels with Storage Cases
Hurst/Gold Body Accents
Padded Half Top (black or white)
Blocked Off Quarter Windows
Recessed Hurst/Olds Exterior Emblems (3 total)
Hurst/Olds Interior Emblems (2 total)
aaxac Custom Hood Ornament with "Oldsmobile" Script
W-30 Fender Identification
W-30 option included the following as standard:
Cutlass Salon Grille
442 Louvered Hood
Sports Styled Outside Mirrors
Super Stock III Wheels in Hurst Gold (DuPont paint #43655L)
Swivel Bucket Seats 
Console with Hurst Dual Gate Shifter
Power Brakes with Front Discs
Hurst Conversion Package-optional 
Hurst/Hatch T-Tops introduced and installed in all cars. 
General info on the 75 w-30 Hurst Olds This was the last year for the 455. Exterior colors were Cameo White or Ebony Black The Hurst/Olds in 1975 was the first General Motorscar to have "Hurst/Hatch" removable T-Top style roof installed. The car is based on the formal-roofed Cutlass Supreme coupe rather than the semi-fastback Cutlass S used in 1973-74. This roof design, early on was proven to be problematic, as at least two separate revisions exist for this roof in the form of redesigned seals and glass. The car was available in either black or white, with either a black or white half vinyl top offset by a wide aluminum band. Either a W-25, equipped with an Oldsmobile 350 engine, or a W-30, equipped with an Oldsmobile 455 engine could be had. Due the environmental regulations at the time, this was the first year that the United States Environmental Protection Agencymandated the addition of catalytic  convertersmounted in the exhaust system. Due to the added expense, only single exhaust was available. The hood from the 1974 Hurst/Olds, with the center mounted louvers, carried over. Gold stripes adorned the sides of the car, as well as the trunk, hood, and mirrors. The car also carried gold 15"x7" Super Stock III Oldsmobile rims. Interiors were similar to 1974 except for revised door panels and new reversible vinyl/velour seat cushions and backs for the all-vinyl Strato bucket seats. The interior color combination on '75 Hurst/Olds was white seats and door panels, and black carpet, dashboard, steering wheel and console.