1967 Buick California GS

Billings, Montana | Sep 2, 2017

340 V-8 Automatic

Billings, Montana
California GS
2 Door
340 V-8

1967 Buick California GS
  Muscle cars were bursting onto the ever expanding car scene in the mid 1960’s, and the GS was Buick’s entry.  Originally promoted on the west coast, the 1967 Buick California GS had nationwide appeal and was Buicks only foray into the minimalist muscle car movement.  This car is a very nice example of a Buick Muscle Car.  
  The car came out of Utah and was found 2016 with what may have been the original bias ply tires still on the car.  The odometer shows 31K miles, but can not be verified as actual.  A new headliner was installed, the front seat reupholstered and the door panels appear to be original.  The car sports a new vinyl top and all dash components work.  The 340 V-8 has a 4bbl carb and is connected to an automatic transmission.  The car runs well and drives smooth like a 67 Buick should.  The body was in very solid condition when found in 2016 and received new paint.  No body panels had to be replaced!  When inspecting the trunk, you’ll note the originality of it showing no panel repair on the rear fenders.  The chrome and trim present themselves well.  
  1967 Buick California GS did not have a large production run.  Various numbers are presented, with 1577 being the most likely number according to the Buick documents found at the Sloan Museum, This car is a fine example of one of the remaining Buick California GS that is still on the road 50 years later!