2005 Audi W12 A8

Montana Classic Car Auction | May 11, 2019


Montana Classic Car Auction
W12 A8
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2005 Audi W12 A8

VIN:  WAUMR44E05N014136

This car is one of only 150 that came into the U.S. in 2005. miles 103,500. The interior is stunning, The exterior is in excellent shape, the tail light has been replaced. This crazy car also has a wine/ beverage refrigerator. I personally have never driven a nicer car.  Here is what they were saying about it in 05. Last year in the U.S., 12-cylinder luxury sedans racked up fewer than 2000 sales. BMW’s 760Li, which sells for a cool $119,195, accounted for about 700 of them. Owing to monster muscle (493 horsepower) and its ultimate upscale image, Mercedes made tidy profits on more than 900 S600s, which start at $126,620. That VW/Audi will add two players (the $120,000 Audi A8L 6.0 Quattro shown here and the $95,000 VW Phaeton W-12) to this tiny niche-where they will compete with each other-can only be attributed to the mystifying ambitions of former VW major-domo Ferdinand Piëch Specifications VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, 4-wheel-drive, 4- or 5-passenger, 4-door sedan ESTIMATED BASE PRICE: $120,000 ENGINE TYPE: DOHC 48-valve W-12, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection Displacement: 366 cu in, 5998cc Power (SAE net): 444 bhp @ 6200 rpm Torque (SAE net): 428 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm TRANSMISSIONS: 6-speed automatic. DIMENSIONS: Wheelbase: 121.0 in Length: 204.4 in Width: 74.6 in Height: 57.3 in Curb weight: 4400 lb PERFORMANCE RATINGS (C/D EST): Zero to 60 mph: 5.0 sec Zero to 100 mph: 11.5 sec Standing 1/4-mile: 13.4 sec Top speed (governor limited): 155 mph FUEL ECONOMY (EST): EPA city : 15 mpg EPA highway: 23 mpg