1980 Ford Model A Shay Reproduction

Salt Lake City, Utah | Mar 3, 2018

302 V-8 Manual

Salt Lake City, Utah
Model A Shay Reproduction
302 V-8

1929 Model A Roadster Shay Reproduction

The seller states:  "When I was younger, the kid across the street from me had a 1929 Model A Roadster and he had hand painted flames on the hood.  I fell in love with the Model As that day and dreamed of what I would do with one when I got it.  I have had a few Model As to date and this is a profession of the things that I wanted to do with one.  

I bought this from a gentleman in Salt Lake City.  It is a 1980 Ford Model A Shay Reproduction.  When I got it, it had only 2000 miles on it!  I brought it home and the first thing I did was take it completely apart.  I beefed up the frame.  I bought a Cobra 302 Mustang just for the motor and transmission(4speed).  I took the motor and transmission out, had them completely rebuilt and installed them in the Model A.  I re-manufactured all the fenders and body, frenching the tail lights with 60's Cadillac lenses.  I changed the rumble seat to a trunk, chopped the windshield, and took out all the wiring and re-wired the whole car.  All the wires are labeled - headlights, tail lights, brake lights, etc.  It has American Racing Mag Wheels, 15s on the back and 14s on the front.  It has the Mustang II disc brakes and a 4 inch drop.  I have taken this out to the Salt Flats and it goes like a bat out of hell!!!

I am getting older and I have a bunch of cars.  I don't want to sell any of them, but I don't want my wife and kids to have to worry about them.  This is just like tearing my heart out!"