1929 Ford Model A Roadster

Salt Lake City, Utah | Mar 3, 2018

302 V-8 Manual

Salt Lake City, Utah
Model A Roadster
302 V-8

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1929 Ford Model A Shay Custom Hot Rod

This 1929 Ford Model A Hot Rod began life as a 1980 Shay Model A that was purchased with only 2,000 miles on the clock. Professionally built by noted customizer Billy Barnes in Ogden, Utah, the entire body and frame were disassembled, and the latter strengthened to cope with the new drivetrain sourced from a Cobra 302 Mustang. A Mustang II contributed the front disc brakes while the front end has a 4-inch drop. American Racing mag wheels in 15-inch rear and 14-inch front complete the rolling stock. The bodywork was remanufactured with frenched taillights with 1960s era Cadillac lenses. The rumble seat was converted into a trunk, while the windshield was chopped. A new custom wiring harness was installed, each circuit labelled individually, while the custom interior features inlaid flames to complement the exterior livery. Impossible to replicate at anywhere close to the expected selling price, this is a classic hot rod that drives like new.

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The seller states:  “When I was younger, the kid across the street from me had a 1929 Model A Roadster and he had hand painted flames on the hood.  I fell in love with the Model As that day and dreamed of what I would do with one when I got it.  I have had a few Model As to date and this is a profession of the things that I wanted to do with one.  

I bought this from a gentleman in Salt Lake City.  It is a 1980 Ford Model A Shay Reproduction.  When I got it, it had only 2000 miles on it!  I brought it home and the first thing I did was take it completely apart.  I beefed up the frame.  I bought a Cobra 302 Mustang just for the motor and transmission(4speed).  I took the motor and transmission out, had them completely rebuilt and installed them in the Model A.  I re-manufactured all the fenders and body, frenching the tail lights with 60’s Cadillac lenses.  I changed the rumble seat to a trunk, chopped the windshield, and took out all the wiring and re-wired the whole car.  All the wires are labeled – headlights, tail lights, brake lights, etc.  It has American Racing Mag Wheels, 15s on the back and 14s on the front.  It has the Mustang II disc brakes and a 4 inch drop.  I have taken this out to the Salt Flats and it goes like a bat out of hell!!!

I am getting older and I have a bunch of cars.  I don’t want to sell any of them, but I don’t want my wife and kids to have to worry about them.  This is just like tearing my heart out!”