1949 Chevrolet 4400 Pickup Truck

Salt Lake City, Utah | Mar 3, 2018

216 Inline 6 Manual

Salt Lake City, Utah
4400 Pickup Truck
216 Inline 6

This Lot Sold!  $25,000

1949 Chevrolet 4400 1.5 ton Truck
VIN:  215KC1807

This exceptionally restored truck is being presented at auction by the Huntsman Cancer Foundation of Utah.  The 1949 Chevy was generously donated to the Foundation in honor of a wonderful husband, father and exceptional man who completed restoration on the truck while battling pancreatic cancer.  

Diane, who donated the truck in honor of her late husband, Brent, states the following:

This truck was first used as a water hauler in the Nassau Fire Department.  Brent Richardson bought it from Vintage Motor Cars out of Ohio in 2014.  The truck now has just over 2900 miles showing on the odometer.

Brent spent his youth working beside his father on Paramount Dairy Farm in Farmington, Utah.  This farm was later purchased by Lagoon for their amusement park which remains visible alongside I-15 north of Salt Lake City.  Brent acquired this truck to restore as a remembrance to his father and his childhood years spent on the Paramount Dairy Farm.  He meticulously took apart every piece of this vehicle and pristinely  put it back together, upgrading it where needed.  Brent replaced the original engine when he discovered the original block was cracked.  He put in a new radiator with an electric fan and he converted the electrical system to 12 volt.  The truck and all components were professionally painted.  To complete the build, the Paramount Dairy Farm logo is painted on each door of the truck.  

During the restoration, when the truck was in a million pieces, Brent was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Throughout his chemotherapy treatment at Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Brent worked on this truck.  He was able to complete the truck before he died in July, 2017.  The truck was driven in the Ogden Pioneer Days parade later that month in his honor.  

Brent’s life was extended through the use of a trial chemotherapy drug at Huntsman.  Therefore, I have chosen to donate the proceeds of the sale of Brent’s truck to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.  The purpose is to further the research into finding a way to diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier, thus allowing hope to those diagnosed with this devastating disease.  

Help us fight cancer!  The Huntsman Cancer Foundation, Diane Richardson and the Classic Car Auction Group have teamed up to present this wonderful 1949 Chevrolet 4400 at auction.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of the truck will benefit the good work that the Huntsman Cancer Foundation does in the fight against cancer.