1956 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Truck

Salt Lake City, Utah | Mar 3, 2018

235 Straight 6 Manual

Salt Lake City, Utah
3100 Pickup Truck
Pickup Truck
235 Straight 6

This Lot Sold!  $37,135

1956 Chevy 3100 Pickup Truck

Vehicle Identification Number:  3A560010028

This 1956 Chevy Pickup is Flawless.  It has rarely been driven and is really a work of art.
Everyone that sees this truck at car shows cannot believe the quality of workmanship that went into the restoration.   

This pickup was frame off restored in 2013 by an Auto Body Shop owner as his personal truck. NO expense was spared in its construction and EVERY single part on this truck has been restored or replaced.  Once complete the Auto Body Shop owner could not bring himself to drive the vehicle so it is available for sale at auction.  This truck has rarely been driven other than short trips to shows, test drives etc, with the odometer showing only 29 Miles.  The truck drives beautifully.  

The Red Paint on this truck is a base coat clear coat with a flawless finish that is deep, radiant and expertly executed.  The cab is accented in white making for a two tone effect that is simply stunning.  All emblems, chrome bezels, chrome bumpers, chrome grill, chrome handles, chrome mirrors and window trim are brand new.  All the window glass is brand new.  All marker lights and driving lights are brand new as well.  The wood Truck Bed is beautifully finished in Oak with Chrome support straps.  Every single nut and bolt in the bed is brand new.

The Interior is a work of art as well.  With a handsome black painted dash adorned with new gauges, new knobs and switches, restored heater controls and vents it’s like stepping in a time machine and going back to a Chevy Dealership in the year 1956.  The combination solid red and multicolored red upholstery is of the highest quality.  Custom stitched this upholstery follows the pattern of deluxe upholstery used in 1956 in Chevy’s high end vehicles.  The Doors and headliners are also upholstered in the same mannerr and the results are amazing. 

Open the hood and you are greeted by more than likely, the most gorgeous engine bay you have ever seen. The firewall is perfect with correct wiring, relays, ballast resistors, solenoids, and connectors in all the right places.  The original 235 Straight Six engine was overhauled and brought back to its original glory.  All parts including the carburetor, fuel filter, gas lines, and Oil filter are all just as they were in 1956.  The correct intake manifold and exhaust manifold appear to be brand new and mate up to a brand new period correct exhaust system with deluxe chrome tip.   The ignition wires are all the correct cloth insulated variety.  The Radiator is new as are
all hoses and period correct clamps.  The original Air Cleaner was restored and the original air cleaner cleaning instructions preserved as a tie between old and new.   

It is obvious that a great deal of research went into getting every detail right just as it was when it left the factory.  Driving this truck is an absolute treasure.  Turn on the ignition.  Push your foot on the floor starter petal and the engine roars to life. Take the truck out on the open road and the engine runs strong and smooth.  Shifting is done using a three on the tree shifter which is an absolute treat.  You will be literally smiling from ear to ear as you head down the road in this incredible piece of automotive history.  Stop, open the hood while the truck is running and watch as the old crank case breather vents warm engine air to the beat of the engine.  Look through the bell housing as the engines flywheel spins merrily along.  

The truck is really an amazing wonder from a simpler time. 
  A real treat for both young and old alike.  Do not miss this opportunity to, perhaps, the best restored 56 Chevy Trucks available anywhere today.

Auction Estimate:  $45,000-$48,000