1973 Ford F350 Super Camper Special

Salt Lake City, Utah | Mar 3, 2018

390 V-8 Automatic

Salt Lake City, Utah
F350 Super Camper Special
Pickup Truck
390 V-8

SOLD!  $8300

1973 Ford F350 (SWR) Super Camper Special
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In 1973, a new model was offered, the F-350 SRW (single rear wheel) pickup. These were new special order heavy-duty pickups made with contractors and camping enthusiasts in mind. The trucks rode on a longer-wheelbase chassis but were the same overall length as an F-100 or F-250 pickup.   Ordering the Camper Special package on an F-350 SRW made it a Super Camper Special which was designed for the much heavier slide-in campers coming on the market at that time.  Only 800-850 of these Super Camper trucks were produced by Ford from 1973-74 and very few in this condition are left on the road today.  

This particular truck has spent most of its life in dry arid Arizona as evidenced by its solid floors, panels and fenders.  Painted in a stunning red with chrome bed rail covers and custom wheels this truck stands out everywhere it goes whether it’s your local car show, or a camping outing.    

This F350 SWR is powered by a powerful Ford 390 2V engine.  The motor was recently
overhauled and has all new gaskets & seals.  The carburetor was also rebuilt and battery is also new.  Truck starts and runs without a hitch. New window seals were also recently installed.  The truck features 3 gas tanks with the OEM manual switch near the driver’s door for changing tanks. 

The Truck bed is wired for electricity with the original outlets still wired and ready to go.  The truck bed itself has seen little use as evidenced in the pictures.  The Bed side also features a large compartment for storing and accessing the spare tire.  This is your chance to own a truly unique Ford Truck you won’t find just anywhere.

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