1949 Plymouth Special DeLuxe

Montana Classic Car Auction | May 12, 2018

217 L6 Manual

Montana Classic Car Auction
Special DeLuxe
4 Door Sedan
217 L6

1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe
Vehicle Identification Number:  12256302

A very Nice Example of a Restored Post-War Plymouth
217 Flat 6 Engine Runs Smooth
Upholstery in very good condition
High End Collector Owned

With World War II in Europe winding down, the U.S. government slowly began allowing the automobile industry to return to the car-making business. It had been four years since any new cars had been built, and those cars still on the road were beginning to show their age.  Plymouth continued the car and styling of the pre-war production in the immediate years following the war.  Demand was so high for new automobiles, deposits were required to just get on the waiting list to get a new car.  The 1949 Plymouth model year saw the first new styling to the car since 1942

Of the two trim levels available on the 1946-1950 Plymouth cars, the Special Deluxe was the top of the line.  The car featured many improvements, including a turn-key ignition switch, moving away from a push button on the floor common in the era.  Upgraded interior and exterior chrome adornments set the car apart from the Deluxe model.

The car presented at auction is a very nice car having received a body and interior restoration.  Inspection of the trunk reveals this car to be a very solid Plymouth prior to restoration.  The two tone paints shows very well and the sun visor adds to the vintage look.  The exterior trim is in good condition. 

The dashboard on these cars are rich with chrome, and this dash shines bright.  The seat, headliner and door panels are period correct and present well.  New weatherstripping has been applied.  Finally, under the hood is in un-restored condition.  The engine starts immediately every time and runs very well.  The three-on-the-tree transmission and the solid motor power this car down the road very well.